Welcome to my website – thank you for visiting.

I am located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia; an island with the inspiration from the coastal mountains, old growth forests and to the sea to indulge me in my passions.

I use photography, paintings, printmaking and creatures to capture the soul of a moment in time and to bring that ‘moment’ back to life.

I cannot leave the ‘moment’ motionless; through my art, I pull the essence of where the subject has been and where it could possibly be going and then place it at a point in between.

Seeing the electricity in my work pushes me to create.  My images are constantly moving; as if from frame to frame.

Above: ‘surfing at Long Beach’.


40 degrees below

’40 degrees below’, a harsh, frozen and white winter in northern British Columbia. I watched as majestic Friesians loped towards me with their deep black manes swirling and the air crisp and soundless.  It was at that exact moment in time that the image became motionless.  (acrylic on canvas) Sold – prints available for sale

All images you see can be made into prints and cards – find out how.

Below: ‘oyster catchers’, drawn with paper, I created these beautiful wading birds perched on the rocks of our coastline. (collage – 10″ x 8″)

Below: ‘sunflower’, the bright cheery splash of colour to be found in every garden. (acrylic on canvas – 24″ x 12″)

Below: ‘nebulous’, looking towards the horizon and feeling the mood of the clouds and the vagueness of the images. (acrylics on canvas -32″ x 16″)

“layering and moving the paint using my brush and fingers”


buttercups at play – photograph

‘buttercups’ remembering the days of looking for butter under ones chin.

All images you see can be made into prints and cards – find out how.

Below: ‘sandhill crane and the corn’ – capturing the moment the crane selects the kernel of corn with its beak and just before he tossing it up in the air, for the final swallow.

Below -‘hurry up and wait’, pushing the boundaries between black and white photograph and then the effect of adding a little colour.  (black and white photograph with colour) 

Below: ‘sacks of nutmeg’, challenging myself with the low lighting in the darkened corner of the warehouse. (photograph)

Below: ‘beyond the edge’, how to we interpret the organic lines and colors? (iPhone photograph)

“i’m looking for the story…”



typewriter’ – the design (typewriter) etched directly into a piece of hard plastic with a sharp tool and printed – Limited Edition. prints available. (DryPoint 8″ x 6″)

All images you see can be made into prints and cards – find out how.

Below: ‘great blue heron’, to simplify and yet bring the beauty and poise of the fishing bird. (reduction print – 3 colors – 8″ x 6″)

Below: ‘cable bay trail’, being lured into the forrest.  Printed on printmaking paper. Limited Edition. prints available (DryPoint 8″ x6″)

Below: ‘a set of spoons at rest’, simple objects at attention. one copy available. (MonoPrint 8″ x 10″) 

Below: ‘helianthus’,  challenging myself to find the edges. Printed on Japanese rice and printmaking paper with a tire jack press. (8″ x 6″)

Below:  ‘from behind’, the ‘not knowing’ what is beyond. Printed on a woodblock on brown hand pulled paper. (6″ x 4″)

I enjoy the challenge of creating one layer at a time and watching the image come alive.

I Make Stuff

Standing proud are the Tower of Three, Ollie, Daisy and Theodore.

Below:  Acorn, a little mouse to grace a very small space in your home.

acorn the mouse

All my critters have grown out of a love for the bringing inanimate objects to life.  As I knit or sew, the personality develops and begins to grow.

During the making of each little critter I find that their own distinct personalities emerge.  And each critter is grown out of various types of yarn, embroidery thread, and bits and bobs. And each critter comes with their own unique name.

Below:  an Array of Hedgehogs … Francis, Mussus Piggy and Phoenix.

“I love bringing the little guys to life”

  • The giraffes stand (approx) 9″ h x 4″ l x 3″ w, and sell for $30.00 CDN.
  • The mice are (approx)  2.5″ tall, and sell for $30.00 CDN.
  • The hedgehogs are (approx) 5″ tall and sell for $30.00 CDN.

Each critter is a custom order, payment must be received in advance and delivery approximately 2 – 3 weeks.

All prices are subject to change.

Will ship worldwide. Shipping and Handling, please add an extra $3.00. All parcels will be shipped Insured and Expedited unless advised accordingly.

Please contact Stefi directly for prices and delivery.