typewriter’ – the design (typewriter) etched directly into a piece of hard plastic with a sharp tool and printed – Limited Edition. prints available. (DryPoint 8″ x 6″)

All images you see can be made into prints and cards – find out how.

Below: ‘great blue heron’, to simplify and yet bring the beauty and poise of the fishing bird. (reduction print – 3 colors – 8″ x 6″)

Below: ‘cable bay trail’, being lured into the forrest.  Printed on printmaking paper. Limited Edition. prints available (DryPoint 8″ x6″)

Below: ‘a set of spoons at rest’, simple objects at attention. one copy available. (MonoPrint 8″ x 10″) 

Below: ‘helianthus’,  challenging myself to find the edges. Printed on Japanese rice and printmaking paper with a tire jack press. (8″ x 6″)

Below:  ‘from behind’, the ‘not knowing’ what is beyond. Printed on a woodblock on brown hand pulled paper. (6″ x 4″)

I enjoy the challenge of creating one layer at a time and watching the image come alive.