40 degrees below

’40 degrees below’, a harsh, frozen and white winter in northern British Columbia. I watched as majestic Friesians loped towards me with their deep black manes swirling and the air crisp and soundless.  It was at that exact moment in time that the image became motionless.  (acrylic on canvas) Sold – prints available for sale

All images you see can be made into prints and cards – find out how.

Below: ‘oyster catchers’, drawn with paper, I created these beautiful wading birds perched on the rocks of our coastline. (collage – 10″ x 8″)

Below: ‘sunflower’, the bright cheery splash of colour to be found in every garden. (acrylic on canvas – 24″ x 12″)

Below: ‘nebulous’, looking towards the horizon and feeling the mood of the clouds and the vagueness of the images. (acrylics on canvas -32″ x 16″)

“layering and moving the paint using my brush and fingers”